Every day we are engaged in the largest and most complex employment projects in the Netherlands. Governmental bodies as well as private parties are increasingly calling on Pels Rijcken where matters of prime importance are at stake. We are involved with the latest developments related to employment law. The cases we handle often has a public impact due to their financial, social or political relevance. We work closely with the Supreme Court litigation practice group. Consequently, the team is involved in employment law proceedings which are conducted before the highest Dutch court.



We represent a unique range of clients with the highest profiles including not only listed (international) companies, but also the State of the Netherlands, all ministries, several provinces and (large) municipalities. In the area of pension law, the team represents large employers, pension funds and the DNB regulator.


Widely recognised

Our knowledge and expertise is widely recognised in the market. Not only do (new) clients come to us for the complicated issues, we are also represented in the boards and committees of important professional associations and journal editorial teams. Furthermore, our lawyers provide lectures for the most prestigious postgraduate employment law courses in the Netherlands as well as they speak frequently during seminars. We also make our knowledge and expertise accessible online through knowledge portals for example and we recently launched Blogarbeidsrecht and our employment law LinkedInpage.



Annette de Jong | Employment | Senior associate

+31 70 5153 246 | annette.dejong@pelsrijcken.nl |

With her specialist knowledge of practically all aspects of employment law, Annette has been operating and conducting legal proceedings in that field since 2000. Annette can offer her clients sound advice on reorganisations, displaying particular expertise in company mergers and arrangements for employees after transfers of undertaking and sales of shares. She is frequently called in by companies, or their directors, to help in such matters as international situations with foreign shareholders. Always dedicated, precise and well-organised, Annette builds long-lasting contacts with her clients, who appreciate her clear advice.


Ruben van Arkel | Employment, Business & Human Rights | Partner

+31 70 5153 215 | ruben.vanarkel@pelsrijcken.nl |

Ruben advises and litigates in proceedings concerning all aspects of employment relationships. He assists employers with preparing for complex organisational changes and for reorganisations, Collective Labour Agreement conflicts, transfers of undertakings, strikes and individual issues like remuneration and dismissal. In addition, Ruben has a special interest in pension law, an area in which he is a specialist. Ruben graduated cum laude from Leiden University’s postgraduate specialist course on employment law. He is a member of the Dutch Employment Law Association’s Equal Treatment Working Group and public service law cluster coordinator of the journal AB. He regularly publishes in leading professional journals.


Sandra van Heukelom-Verhage | Employment | Partner

+31 70 515 39 61 | sandra.vanheukelom@pelsrijcken.nl |

Sandra van Heukelom-Verhage is an all-round lawyer who is used to providing public authorities and private parties with in-depth assistance regarding complex issues. She is presently advising on the implementation of the Work and Security Act as well as on one of the most radical changes to the public employment law system of the last decades, the upcoming Standardisation of the Legal Status of Public Servants. In addition, she deals with decentralisation and cooperation through networking in the public domain. Sandra often lectures at universities and postgraduate institutes.