Real Estate

Pels Rijcken has one of the largest real estate practices in the Netherlands. We know the real estate sector from the perspective of all the parties; from owners and developers to investors and public authorities. The firm provides assistance with numerous sales processes, (large-scale) urban projects and area developments. The real estate team is actively involved from the spatial planning through to realisation and exploitation including lease and rental transactions. In addition, our firm is eminently equipped in the field of public-private partnerships and innovative types of contracts (DBFMO). During recent years, we have been providing an increasing amount of advice on procedures regarding health care real estate, the sale of surplus real estate and transformation.



Clients of the Real Estate practice group include the State of the Netherlands, various large municipalities, medium-sized and smaller municipalities and provinces, large (listed) companies, (inter)national corporates, project developers, pension funds and investment funds, housing corporations and other institutions.


Widely recognised

Our knowledge and expertise is widely recognised in the market. Not only do clients engage us to handle complicated issues, we are also represented in the boards and committees of important professional associations and journal editorial boards. Our Real Estate lawyers regularly lecture about real estate related topics. They also frequently speak during seminars.


Alain de Jonge

Alain de Jonge | Real Estate | Managing Partner

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Alain focuses on civil property law and has considerable expertise in tenancy law. He advises and litigates in the area of urban renewal, city centre development and urban restructuring. He also regularly represents developers, property funds and investors in various redevelopment projects. In addition to tenancy law, his work focuses on purchases, leasehold, sale and leaseback and ownership relationships. He has a keen commercial sense and great understanding of public administrative relationships. Alain regurarly teaches and is author of Huurrecht, a professional handbook on tenancy law.


Aemile van Rappard | Real Estate | Partner

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Aemile van Rappard is an experienced real estate lawyer and tenancy law expert. He works mainly for institutional and other investors, property developers, lessors, estate agents and property consultants. Aemile has extensive experience with providing assistance in property transactions, contract negotiations, development, redevelopment and the transformation of property as well as subjects related to these. In addition, he is an experienced litigation lawyer in property-related cases. Aemile is frequently asked by various entities to give lessons on subjects related to tenancy law. He also publishes regularly.


Maryse Mesu-Abbekerk | Real Estate | Partner

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Maryse has 20 years of experience with litigation and consultating in real estate law and has a strong focus on tenancy, sales, purchases, leasehold and project development. She is a solution-oriented, concise and skilled attorney who is driven and energetic in her work and has an investigative and sharp nature. Maryse always strives to obtain the absolute best results for her clients. She is also adept at serving her clients’ interests by de-escalating conflicts and preventing unnecessary litigation. She advises companies, housing cooperatives, non-profit organisations and (semi-) public authorities. Maryse also heads the Real Estate department of the firm.


René Spit | Real Estate | Notary, partner

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René has been working in the notarial profession since 1995. He joined Pels Rijcken in 2003 and was appointed as a civil-law notary in August 2010. René’s practice covers the full scala of notarial work and includes advising on, structuring and monitoring sales processes, complex investment transactions, securitizations, divisions of properties into apartments, infrastructural projects, (re)development structures and ground lease arrangements, and public-private partnership constructions. In these projects, he will often work in close liaison with the attorneys of the firm. He is also an expert in the area of turnover tax and transfer tax pertaining to property transactions.
His client base comprises of central government and other (semi-) public authorities, (institutional) investors, pension funds and other companies.


Cees de Zeeuw | Real Estate | Notary, partner

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Cees has worked in the notarial profession since 1993. He took up a position with Pels Rijcken in 1999 and was appointed as a civil-law notary in 2001. As a civil-law notary, Cees practices property law and corporate law and provides advice to companies, institutions and authorities in both fields of law. In addition, Cees provides legal advice to healthcare insurers and healthcare institutions. He is also active in the education sector, both in transactions and in advising clients.