Alain de Jonge

Alain de Jonge | Real Estate | Managing Partner

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Alain focuses on civil property law and has considerable expertise in tenancy law. He advises and litigates in the area of urban renewal, city centre development and urban restructuring. He also regularly represents developers, property funds and investors in various redevelopment projects. In addition to tenancy law, his work focuses on purchases, leasehold, sale and leaseback and ownership relationships. He has a keen commercial sense and great understanding of public administrative relationships. Alain regurarly teaches and is author of Huurrecht, a professional handbook on tenancy law.


Georg Huith | Construction, Real Estate | Partner

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Georg specialises in construction law and public procurement law. He mainly focuses on infrastructural construction projects and non-residential building, whilst also specialising in area development. Georg respresents a number of governmental authorities, developers, building contractors and consultants. He has extensive experience acting as defence counsel in complex building disputes, both before civil courts and before various arbitration institutes. In addition, he advises clients with drafting contracts for construction projects and provides legal assistance with the tendering and implementation processes. Georg lectures and publishes work on a regular basis on the subject of building contracts, builder’s liability, architectural and consultancy law and procurement law.


Maarten van Rijn | Construction | Partner

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In The International Who’s Who of Public Procurement Lawyers, Maarten has been listed as ‘one of the leading practitioners in this field’ for quite a few years now – which is not very surprising, as Maarten has built up considerable expertise at Pels Rijcken with Construction and Procurement Law. His practice is very varied, but the emphasis lies on full-service supervision of complex procurement cases in various fields (ranging from infrastructural projects to group insurance policies). He also regularly assists in procurement and construction disputes, both in arbitration cases and before the civil courts. He also holds permanent lecturing posts at the Law Academy of the VU University Amsterdam and the Grotius Academy. His clients include almost all departments of the State and many local and regional authorities.


Mark Birnage | Construction | Partner

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Mark joined Pels Rijcken as an attorney in 1993 and has been a partner since 2002. He is a specialist in invitations to tender and the contracting of major projects, including public-private partnerships. Mark has extensive experience in Design, Build, Finance and Maintain (DBFM) contracts and other innovative forms of contract. He has also supervised many public-public partnerships (agreements). He is a regular speaker and teacher with respect to these areas.


Pieter Stuijt | Construction | Partner

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Pieter has many years of experience of litigating in construction and procurement disputes, arbitrations and preliminary relief proceedings. With his team, he handles over 80 proceedings and preliminary relief proceedings each year. This is a major part of all procurement disputes in the Netherlands. In addition, he has extensive experience in drafting and assessing procurement documents and construction contracts in high-profile projects.


Ewoud de Vries | Energy, Real Estate | Senior associate

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Ewoud de Vries is specialised in property law and tenancy law and has a great deal of experience with issues concerning sustainable energy, such as ground lease arrangements surrounding windmill parks and rights of superficies for cogeneration. He followed the course in Energy Law at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. Ewoud knows the commercial side of the energy market in the Netherlands and from this position has provided assistance with many business-to-business energy contracts. In his capacity as a lawyer, he has been involved in large property transactions, leases and due diligence investigations.


Robin Aerts | Energy | Senior associate

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After graduating in 1997, Robin worked for five years as a staff lawyer of the Council of State. He joined Pels Rijcken as an attorney in 2002. Robin’s practice focuses on spatial planning and environmental law. Because of his specific knowledge and experience, he is often engaged already at an early stage to deal with administratively sensitive issues. Robin has been involved in several large scale area developments and the construction of controversial wind farms, for example. Robin’s clients include various government authorities, companies and private individuals. He frequently publishes and lectures or is the introductory speaker in courses and at conferences.


Annette de Jong | Employment | Senior associate

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With her specialist knowledge of practically all aspects of employment law, Annette has been operating and conducting legal proceedings in that field since 2000. Annette can offer her clients sound advice on reorganisations, displaying particular expertise in company mergers and arrangements for employees after transfers of undertaking and sales of shares. She is frequently called in by companies, or their directors, to help in such matters as international situations with foreign shareholders. Always dedicated, precise and well-organised, Annette builds long-lasting contacts with her clients, who appreciate her clear advice.


Marije Schneider | Employment | Senior associate

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Marije has worked at Pels Rijcken since 2006. She worked in a commercial practice in Curacao from 2009 to 2011. She is a specialist in employment and public service law. She supports large companies by providing advice and assisting them in proceedings and negotiation processes. She therefore deals with subjects like dismissal, collective agreements law, transfer of undertaking and social security. Marije also focuses on cross-border work. In addition, she advises government organisations in their capacity as employers about restructuring processes, dismissal and co-determination. Her style is practical and direct. Marije is deputy secretary of Vereniging Ambtenaar & Recht, a platform for those in the legal profession or in other professions whose work involves employment relationships in the public sector.


Ruben van Arkel | Employment, Business & Human Rights | Partner

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Ruben advises and litigates in proceedings concerning all aspects of employment relationships. He assists employers with preparing for complex organisational changes and for reorganisations, Collective Labour Agreement conflicts, transfers of undertakings, strikes and individual issues like remuneration and dismissal. In addition, Ruben has a special interest in pension law, an area in which he is a specialist. Ruben graduated cum laude from Leiden University’s postgraduate specialist course on employment law. He is a member of the Dutch Employment Law Association’s Equal Treatment Working Group and public service law cluster coordinator of the journal AB. He regularly publishes in leading professional journals.


Bert-Jan Houtzagers | Litigation and Arbitration | Partner

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Bert-Jan has been with Pels Rijcken since 1985, initially as an attorney and since 1999 also as the State Advocate. At the beginning of his career Bert-Jan amassed a lot of practical experience in civil law, supreme court litigation and corporate law. However, since the 1990s he has focused more in particular on private law as it relates to the public sector. As the State Advocate he has handled many high-profile legal procedures where the Dutch State was accused of wrongful acts. He also deals with many legal issues in matters that are politically or administratively sensitive. In addition, he is also involved in arbitration on behalf of governmental authorities, companies and institutions. Bert-Jan has a ‘band 2-ranking’ in Dispute Resolution, Chambers Global en Chambers Europe 2016.


Hans van Wijk | Litigation and Arbitration, Supreme Court Litigation | Partner

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Hans has been with Pels Rijcken since 1990. He worked as an attorney for a number of years in Curaçao. The core of his practice has been in Litigation, at all levels: in the law courts, courts of appeal and before the Supreme Court. In recent years, Hans has specialised in civil cases before the court of cassation. The cases he deals with cover a wide spectrum, particularly in the area of private law in relation to the public sector, business law and liability law. Hans has a ‘band 1-ranking’ in Dispute Resolution: Supreme Court Litigation, Chambers Global en Chambers Europe 2016.


Karlijn Teuben | Litigation and Arbitration | Partner

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Karlijn is an experienced litigator with more than 10 years experience as a Supreme Court litigator. She has a broad cassation practice with an emphasis on liability, insurance and compensation. In addition, in Supreme Court proceedings she focusses particularly on general property rights, employment law, transport law, civil procedural law, insolvency law and international public and private law. Karlijn also litigates in the courts of fact. This chiefly concerns complex disputes involving liability and government liability, compensation and international law. Due to her academic experience, Karlijn receives regular requests to publish and give lectures, particularly on civil procedure law. In addition to this, she is one of the principal editors of, the weblog about case law arising from civil cassation appeals.


Wemmeke Wisman | Litigation and Arbitration | Partner

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Wemmeke has been an attorney since 1998. She specialises in complex civil procedures involving (international) public law elements. Her clients include a number of ministries, other governmental authorities and (listed) companies. For instance, she acts on behalf of tax authorities in civil cases and also deals with issues such as the immunity of foreign states and war art repatriation. In addition, Wemmeke provides judicial and extrajudicial advice to corporate bodies in the area of liability law and contract law. Wemmeke publishes and lectures on a regular basis.


Aemile van Rappard | Real Estate | Partner

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Aemile van Rappard is an experienced real estate lawyer and tenancy law expert. He works mainly for institutional and other investors, property developers, lessors, estate agents and property consultants. Aemile has extensive experience with providing assistance in property transactions, contract negotiations, development, redevelopment and the transformation of property as well as subjects related to these. In addition, he is an experienced litigation lawyer in property-related cases. Aemile is frequently asked by various entities to give lessons on subjects related to tenancy law. He also publishes regularly.


Maryse Mesu-Abbekerk | Real Estate | Partner

+31 70 5153 479 | |

Maryse has 20 years of experience with litigation and consultating in real estate law and has a strong focus on tenancy, sales, purchases, leasehold and project development. She is a solution-oriented, concise and skilled attorney who is driven and energetic in her work and has an investigative and sharp nature. Maryse always strives to obtain the absolute best results for her clients. She is also adept at serving her clients’ interests by de-escalating conflicts and preventing unnecessary litigation. She advises companies, housing cooperatives, non-profit organisations and (semi-) public authorities. Maryse also heads the Real Estate department of the firm.


René Spit | Real Estate | Notary, partner

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René has been working in the notarial profession since 1995. He joined Pels Rijcken in 2003 and was appointed as a civil-law notary in August 2010. René’s practice covers the full scala of notarial work and includes advising on, structuring and monitoring sales processes, complex investment transactions, securitizations, divisions of properties into apartments, infrastructural projects, (re)development structures and ground lease arrangements, and public-private partnership constructions. In these projects, he will often work in close liaison with the attorneys of the firm. He is also an expert in the area of turnover tax and transfer tax pertaining to property transactions.
His client base comprises of central government and other (semi-) public authorities, (institutional) investors, pension funds and other companies.

Erik Pijnacker Hordijk

Erik Pijnacker Hordijk | EU & Competition, Energy | Partner

+31 70 515 37 29 | +31 6 26142426 | |

Erik covers the broad spectre of competition law, including merger control, cartels and abuse of dominance. He has represented companies before competition authorities around the globe. Erik is also a seasoned litigator. He has appeared in over 100 cases before the EU courts in Luxembourg in cases concerning competition, State aid, internal market issues and other disputes regarding EU law. He won the largest damage case ever regarding unlawful legislation against the Council and the Commission of the EU. Moreover, he has been actively involved in numerous cartel damages cases for over a decade. Erik joined Pels Rijcken as a partner in the summer of 2017 from De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, where he had been a partner since 1991.


Edward Brans | Energy, Business & Human Rights | Legal counsel

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In his practice, Edward focuseson environmental liability under private and administrative law. In addition, he provides legal assistance in disputes concerning government liability (e.g. in the case of unlawful decisions, insufficient monitoring or inadequate enforcement). Edward also represents clients in cases aimed at countering and limiting the consequences of climate change; cases involving, for example, the use of geothermal energy (thermal energy storage), the storage of CO2 in geological formations and the realisation of designated flooding areas in the context of water management. In the area of environmental law, Edward has extensive experience in cases concerning soil contamination, asbestos or waste substances.

Harm Uittien

Harm Uittien | Corporate/M&A | Counsel

+31 70 515 32 44 |

Harm Uittien has built up an extensive track record in various fields and at both private and listed companies in the area of complex (cross border) acquisitions, investments and restructuring, leveraged buy-outs, corporate governance and boardroom counseling. Chambers Europe on Harm: “Highly capable, calm and willing to stand his ground. He takes the strategy that delivers the best result.”. This is a accurate description of Harm: he is a steadfast, passionate lawyer who operates pragmatically and pro-actively with a keen eye for commercial interests. Harm regularly publishes in professional magazines.

Iman Brinkman

Iman Brinkman | Energy, Business & Human Rights | Partner

+31 70 5153 753 | |

Iman Brinkman advises on energy projects, contracts and regulatory issues. Renewable energy projects are cornerstones of his practice. As a litigator, Iman is engaged in matters concerning energy-related topics, such as access to the gas and electricity markets, tariffs and trading issues. Iman acts for parties in every link of the energy chain. His clients include large (inter)national energy corporates, energy intensive industries as well as central and local governments. Iman lectures on energy law and frequently speaks at seminars. He also publishes regurarly. Iman is fluent in English, French and German.


Sebastiaan Cnossen | Business & Human Rights | Associate

+31 70 5153 245 | |

Sebastiaan Cnossen has been working as a lawyer at Pels Rijcken since 2016. He deals with the wide range of aspects related to European Law, particularly state aid and competition law.

Luc Defaix

Luc Defaix | Corporate/M&A | Partner

+31 70 515 32 35 | |

Luc Defaix has a track record in (inter)national M&A deals and related auction processes. He also advises on (cross boarder) joint ventures, restructurings, investments and governance issues. His clients include corporates, family owned businesses, private equity firms and groups of informal investors. Some years ago, Luc made a side step to the private equity. As managing partner, Luc was primarily responsible for the investments and divestments of the private equity firm. He also gained operational experience in the various industrial portfolio companies. It is such broad experience that Luc’s clients recognize and appreciate so much.


Claire Huijts | Business & Human Rights | Associate

+31 70 5153 780 | |

Claire Huijts has been working as a lawyer at Pels Rijcken since 2016. She is part of the labour and Public Service Law Department. Claire provides advice and litigates on matters which include dismissal processes and integrity issues. She also publishes regularly on the Labour and Public Service Law Blog. In addition, she is part of the Business Human Rights practice group.

René Kiers

René Kiers | Litigation and Arbitration + Construction | Partner

+31 70 515 39 42 | |

René Kiers advises the State and other government bodies and represents these institutions in large-scale, complex arbitration cases on infrastructural and building projects and provides quick and fit for purpose advise in complex questions of public procurement. He is an experienced litigator and acts in numerous injunction proceedings concerning procurement disputes. Furthermore he is the trusted advisor of world’s premier shipbuilders of luxury mega yachts. René is a also a respected arbitrator of the Dutch Arbitration Institute). He regularly lectures and speaks at conferences.


Allard Knook | EU & Competition | Senior associate

+31 70 5153 239 | |

Allard Knook is specialised in state aid law and European law. After completing his doctorate at the Utrecht University in 2009, Allard Knook built up a prodigious reputation as a lawyer within a short space of time. He is an expert when it comes to identifying and covering risks related to state aid. This area of law is really booming. Decentralised public authorities and property developers as well as housing associations, research institutes, sports clubs, nature organisations, power companies and various other institutions all know exactly how to find their way to Allard. Allard can number most of the Dutch municipalities and provinces among his client base and is highly praised by them for his integrity, keen intellectual ability, personal approach and his practical and client-focused way of working.

René van de Klashorst

René van de Klashorst | Litigation and Arbitration | Partner

+31 70 515 37 77 | |

René is a very experienced lawyer and conducts a varied advisory and litigation practice in corporate law. He is highly regarded as a trusted advisor. Corporate governance, public-private partnerships, (corporate) litigation, the liability of financial institutions, and finance and restructuring are at the heart of René’s practice. His clients include corporations, government authorities and regulators in different sectors (energy, financial and transport). René leads several of Pels Rijcken’s legal teams in various multimillion lawsuits for corporate clients.


Elisa Palm | Business & Human Rights | Senior associate

+31 70 5153 912 | |

Elisa has been an attorney since 2000. She left Houthoff Buruma to join Pels Rijcken in 2007. Elisa is specialised in the invitation to tender of major projects, including public-private partnerships in the area of traffic and building infrastructure and ICT. She was involved, for example, in the invitation to tender of the Design, Build, Finance and Maintain (DBFM) contracts of the road pricing system, the A15 (Maasvlakte-Vaanplein) motorway project and the A1-A6 (Diemen-Almere Havendreef) motorway project. She is also supervising the Green Corridor Project in Aruba. In addition, Elisa frequently litigates at civil courts in complex preliminary relief proceedings concerning invitations to tender on behalf of contracting authorities. Elisa also gives courses and presentations on procurement law.


Sandra van Heukelom-Verhage | Employment | Partner

+31 70 515 39 61 | |

Sandra van Heukelom-Verhage is an all-round lawyer who is used to providing public authorities and private parties with in-depth assistance regarding complex issues. She is presently advising on the implementation of the Work and Security Act as well as on one of the most radical changes to the public employment law system of the last decades, the upcoming Standardisation of the Legal Status of Public Servants. In addition, she deals with decentralisation and cooperation through networking in the public domain. Sandra often lectures at universities and postgraduate institutes.

Martijn Scheltema

Martijn Scheltema | Supreme Court Litigation, Business & Human Rights, Litigation and Arbitration | Partner

+31 70 515 39 08 | |

Martijn Scheltema is an international lawyer and maintains a leading Supreme Court practice, which includes setting-aside proceedings in connection with arbitration. Martijn deals with a wide range of corporate and procedural matters, as well as government related issues. In addition, he handles cases concerning commercial disputes and has extensive experience with international dispute resolution through arbitration. He is also interested in other forms of dispute resolution, particularly with respect to business and human rights issues. He regularly publishes and teaches all the mentioned fields.

Willem Heemskerk

Willem Heemskerk | Litigation and Arbitration, Supreme Court Litigation | Partner

+31 70 515 38 39 | |

Willem Heemskerk is one of the most experienced litigators in the Netherlands. He handles complex civil disputes, which often concern issues of liability and compensation for damages. He also assists companies confronted with cartel damage claims (follow-on actions) in connection with decisions of the European Commission. Willem is considered a leading expert in procedural law. He is the editor of the standard guide to Dutch procedural law Hugenholtz/Heemskerk “Hoofdlijnen van Nederlands burgerlijk procesrecht” 2015 and author of a handbook on new procedural legislation.


Carel van Swaay | Corporate/M&A

+31 70 5153 272 | |

Carel van Swaay is an experienced M&A lawyer. He advises companies in the corporate middle market segment and parties in the public domain with respect to mergers and takeovers, joint ventures and corporate governance.


Bibiane Vroegindewey | Business & Human Rights | Associate

+31 70 5153 810 | |

Bibiane has been working at Pels Rijcken since 1 March 2015 where she is employed in the Criminal Law and Administrative Law practice groups. She completed a master’s degree in Argumentation Theory and Rhetoric, and Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure at the Leiden University in the summer of 2014, after which, she spent one term teaching in the Criminal Law and Criminology department of the Leiden University. Bibiane has a strong affinity with special criminal law. She is also a fervent Dutch language enthusiast.


Erika Wies | Business & Human Rights | Associate

+31 70 5153 844 | |

Erika studied civil law at Leiden University. In addition to her studies, she was a member of the university’s Examinations Appeals Board. She also taught Business and Law at Wateringse Veld College in The Hague. Erika has been working as an attorney in the Employment and Public Service Law Practice Group since 2012. She litigates and advises with respect to, among other matters, dismissal processes, restructuring processes and co-determination law. In addition, she is regularly involved in negotiations concerning termination arrangements and is a result-oriented and persistent negotiator. She is especially interested in equal treatment and social security law.


Monique de Witte-van den Haak | Business & Human Rights | Partner

+31 70 5153 000 | |

Monique started as an attorney in 1989 and developed extensive experience in administrative law and healthcare law. She subsequently specialised in employment relationships, focusing on issues of co-determination, restructuring, employer’s liability, equal treatment, individual and collective legal status and mediation. She mainly focuses on the public sector. Monique is chairperson of the Vereniging voor Ambtenaar en Recht, a platform for those whose work involves employment relationships in the public sector. She is also editor of the Collection of opinions of the Netherlands Institute for Human Rights and of the Kennisbank rechtspositie ambtenaren, a database concerning the legal status of public employees. She publishes regularly. From 2008 to 2012, she was a member of Pels Rijcken’s management board and responsible for legal practice and quality.


Cees de Zeeuw | Real Estate | Notary, partner

+31 70 5153 461 | |

Cees has worked in the notarial profession since 1993. He took up a position with Pels Rijcken in 1999 and was appointed as a civil-law notary in 2001. As a civil-law notary, Cees practices property law and corporate law and provides advice to companies, institutions and authorities in both fields of law. In addition, Cees provides legal advice to healthcare insurers and healthcare institutions. He is also active in the education sector, both in transactions and in advising clients.